Orbiter goes Hollywood/USA

Repeatedly we are proud to announce, that all low shooting pitch cameras at the EURO 2012 in Poland/ Ukraine will be equipped with the Orbiter 500 superflat.
A total of 15 operational & backup units will be applied during all matches of the final tournament. All units are available from August 2012 and sold out at significantly reduced prices.
Please allocate & order your EURO 2012 unit here.

We are pleased to announce the 300th device of Orbiter low shooters being delivered in February 2012. Since 2001 our systems work without major disorders, all objections could be solved on site.
We are happy to announce the 500th device of fibre cable drums being delivered in January 2012. Since 2005 no reclamations happened.

We use the two Orbiters almost every weekend.
They are used at every sports event in the Aviva stadium in Dublin, the Six Nations and the Heineken Cup.
They are also used in Croke Park for the GAA season, which we are in the middle of now.
We also find them very useful in smaller stadiums, for sideline or goaline cameras, as their low profile does not impede spectator eyeline to the pitch.
Robert Marshall, Camera Supervisor Observe Outside Broadcasting | Ireland


perfectvenue is a product developer in the broadcast industry and has developed the ORBITER camera seats as well as the ORBITER fibre optics cable drums.

In our new distribution structure both product lines are being marketed directly by the two different manufacturers themselfes, using the Orbiter marketing platform common.

Please contact Könnecke Präzisionsmechanik for any issues about mobile or fixed Orbiter camera seats.

Please contact Fa. Hemrich Präzision for any issues concerning Orbiter – fibre optics cable drums.

Please contact perfectvenue for any issues concerning our current projects in progress or improvement and feedback of Orbiter camera seats and fibre optics cable drums.